3 Popular Woodworking Router Bits Types

Woodworking router bits (milling cutter) have high cutting efficiency and can be seen in many places. They are mainly loaded on milling cutters and are used for milling and shaping wood workpieces. It can be used on milling machines and can also be used for tenoning, molding, grooving, etc. In this article, we will show you three of the most popular milling cutters in different shapes and types.

Milling woodworking knives mainly have cylindrical and conical shapes. But some people may have some special requirements. So sometimes we will see some milling cutters with specially shaped rotating bodies.

The structural feature of the milling cutter is that there are blades around the body or end face of the milling cutter. This structure makes the milling cutter act like a combination of basic tools. But that doesn’t mean these versatile milling cutters are suitable for every cutting condition.

In order to complete our work, we need to do many different tasks: drilling, milling, cutting. To mill different places such as holes, steps and flat surfaces, just one type of milling cutter is not enough. Therefore, we have many different types of milling cutters, among which the following three are the three most popular types recently.

Roundover Router Bits

Fillet bits are probably the most commonly used edge bits. As their name suggests, they can cut smooth, rounded edges, thus rounding out sharp edges. Smooth and rounded edges can help maintain the finish of your project. Additionally, unlike sharp edges, rounded edges are safer for people to touch. The rounded edges are perfect for most furniture edges such as tabletops, shelves, chair arms, handrails, cabinet edges, etc. The round mill also has an interchangeable bearing on the bottom. As with slot drills, different size bearings will result in different depths of cut.

Core Box Router Bits

Core box drill bits are similar to pocket drill bits, except they do not have bearings. Core box drill bits create semicircular grooves or channels in the wood board. These grooves are mainly used for decorative purposes on table edges, shelves, doors, frames, etc. Additionally, a core box drill bit can be used to hollow out blocks of wood.

Roman Ogee Router Bits

“Ogee” is a word often used in the construction industry and means molding with an S-shaped profile. The main use of Roman hyperbolic cutters is decorative, cutting decorative S-shaped profiles on various types of furniture. Roman hyperbolic drill bits have a pilot bearing on the top.

Regardless of the shape and type of milling cutter, the most important thing is the material they are made of. We used to use high-speed steel (HSS), but now we have carbide milling cutters. Carbide milling cutters for woodworking have long service life and excellent cutting performance, making them a good choice.

If you have any needs, please contact us, we are specialized in producing woodworking tools for more than 24 years.

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