Do you know these 6 professional useful names for band saw blade?

Every part of the band saw blade has its own professional name, just like every organ in the human body has its own name. So, do you really know what each part of the band saw blade is called? This article will briefly explain the professional names of four of the band saw blades. Let’s see if you know these names.

Hook or Rake – The cutting angle or shape of the band saw blade teeth.

Generally speaking, the larger the angle, the more aggressive the teeth and the faster they cut. But the faster you cut, the faster your teeth will dull and the worse the cut surface finish will be.
Sharp blades are good for softwoods but won’t last long when cutting hardwoods.

Conversely, the smaller the angle, the less aggressive the teeth, the slower the cutting speed, and the harder wood the blade is suitable for cutting.

The hook teeth have progressive cutting angles and adopt progressive radii. They are used for quick cuts where finish is not important.
The rake tines have a flat cutting angle for achieving a fine cutting surface finish. The rake-shaped teeth and gullets are ground in one continuous process, greatly improving the performance of the blade, enabling fast cuts and providing a good surface finish to the wood.

Gullet – The area through which sawdust is transported through the wood.
The larger the teeth (spacing), the larger the esophagus.

Rake angle – The angle from the tip of the tooth back.
The larger the angle, the more aggressive the tooth is, but the tooth is also more fragile.

Beam Strength – This is the blade’s ability to resist bending backwards.
The wider the blade, the stronger the beam; therefore, a 1-inch blade has a much stronger beam than a 1/8-inch blade and cuts straighter, making it more suitable for resawing.

Tool Tip – The serrated cutting edge of a band saw blade.

Blade Back – The back of the blade that runs on the back blade rail.

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