What is the difference between TCT and Stellite Tip Band Saw Blade

Tct Band Saw Blade:                                                         Stellite Band Saw Blade:

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Tct and stellite are the two types of bandsaw blades we have tried and used, so what is the difference between them?

As we can see:

1:Tip, The biggest difference is their teeth. The teeth alloy of tct is directly welded, and the stellite is melted and then polished;

2:Hardness, The tooth hardness of tct reaches 92°-93.6°, while the stellite is only 58°-60°;But their saw blade hardness is the same, about 45-48°;

3:Tct is suitable for all types of wood, softwood, hardwood or harder; while stellite is only suitable for softwood cutting;

4:Longer service time tct has; Moreover, the use effect after each grinding is the same as the new one, and there will be no uneven wood edges;

So thats why we recommend try tct band saw baldes, If you’re also interested in bandsaw blades, let’s talk more:WhatsApp:+86 13825289615



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