2 Important Woodworking Cutter Heads

Spiral cutter heads are very important tools in wood processing. During the wood planing process, the spiral cutterhead has the advantages of low resistance, low noise, and small cutting volume.

If one edge of the blade becomes dull or missing, simply loosen the screw to turn to the other edge and lock the knife, no sharpening required. Only when two or four edges of the blade become unusable do you need to replace them with new ones.

Therefore, the service life of the spiral cutter blade is 5 to 12 times longer than that of ordinary blade, saving sharpening and calibration time, improving planing efficiency, reducing use costs, reducing power consumption, and overcoming planing problems.

For spiral cutters, we have two options: light duty spiral cutter heads and heavy duty spiral cutter heads. Their structural composition and applications are different. Today we will talk about the basic knowledge of these two spiral cutter heads, hoping to help everyone understand them more.

Light Duty Spiral Cutter Heads

Structure and composition
The structure of the light cutting spiral cutter head includes a spiral cutter body, a spiral groove, a reversible cutter, and a countersunk head screw.

Among them, the spiral cutter body is the base of the light cutting spiral cutter head, which ensures that the tool still has good mechanical strength under high-speed rotation. When the tool is continuously cutting, a large amount of sawdust will be formed, which can be discharged in time through the chip groove to improve the heat dissipation performance and processing quality of the tool.

Heavy Duty Spiral Cutter Heads

Structure and composition
The finished picture of the spiral cutter head for heavy cutting, which consists of five parts: spiral cutter body, spiral groove, pressure block, double-ended stud and discarded blade.

Compared with the light cutting spiral cutter head, the heavy cutting spiral cutter head uses a pressure block and double-headed screw to lock the waste blade, making the clamping of the blade more stable and the tool can carry thicker cutting volume.

What should I pay attention to when using the cutter head?

1-Our woodworking knife has four sharp edges. Lift the hex wrench and loosen the screw to change the direction of the knife. But if the knife is processed on oily wood, you need to use a utility knife to scrape off the edge to ensure the accuracy of the knife.

2-When locking the knife, pay attention to whether the fixed angle at the bottom of the knife and the angle of the knife are completely closed, and then gently press the knife with your index finger to secure the locking bolt.

3-When disassembling the knife holder and screws, the wrench and workbench must be disassembled in a 90-degree vertical direction to avoid damage to the knife body and pressure plate caused by improper force. When installing a counterweighted chip removal spiral cutter head, the end face of the bolt must be lower than the pressure block for correct assembly. If the end face of the bolt is higher than the pressure block, it is an incorrect assembly.

4-The clamping method of the knife must comply with the operating specifications, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the knife body and even endanger the safety of the user.

5-When replacing a new tool, please check the accuracy of the tool and whether there are any marks on the workpiece.

Compared with traditional welded carbide blades cutter heads, the cutting edges of woodworking disposable spiral cutter heads are all machine-clamped. Easy to adjust, improve service life and reduce investment cost to the greatest extent. If you are looking for the right tool for your vision project, please feel free to contact us. DH has been engaged in the woodworking tool industry for more than 24 years and has rich production and export experience.

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