3 Useful Tips to Deal With Band Saw Blades Breakage

During the use of the woodworking bandsaw machine, some failures may often occur. This article will briefly describe the most common failure problem, the band saw blade breakage. It will show you the common causes of bandsaw blade breakage and three tips for how to deal with these problems.

When the woodworking bandsaw machine is running, the band saw blades move back and forth, and there are abnormal phenomena such as breaking sounds. In this case, the bandsaw blade is likely to have cracks. We should stop the operation of the machine immediately and check.

Band saw blade breakage generally occurs for the following reasons:

First, consider the bandsaw blades breakage caused by the problems of the bandsaw machine itself: the vibration of the bandsaw machine causes the wear of the bearings, which in turn causes the bandsaw blades to break; we should strengthen the machine tool and replace the bearings with new ones to ensure the stable operation of the bandsaw machine.

Secondly, consider the breakage caused by the band saw blade itself: excessive or too small tension of the band saw blades during the cutting process will cause the bandsaw blades to break; when using it, we should consider different machine conditions and materials that need to be cut. Adjust the appropriate tension of the band saw blades in time.

At the same time, if the band saw blade is used for too long, the saw teeth will not be sharp, and the lack of power during the cutting process will also cause the bandsaw blades to break. The correct response is to use a gear grinder to sharpen the saw teeth of the bandsaw blade and grind it according to the wood. The hardness adjusts the working time of the bandsaw blades.

Third, consider the band saw blade breakage caused by operating reasons: excessive feed speed during the use of the bandsaw machine will also cause the bandsaw blades to break; the correct feed speed should be changed flexibly according to the specific situation, and the material should be fed smoothly to allow the bandsaw blades to break. The saw blade operates normally.

In addition, if there is resin on the saw teeth, causing thick wood chips to stick to the bandsaw blades, the band saw blades will also break. Especially when cutting oily wood, you need to pay special attention to avoid wood chips sticking to the saw teeth and causing the bandsaw blades to break.

If you encounter a broken bandsaw blade when using a wood working bandsaw machine, you can troubleshoot according to the above article and make timely adjustments.

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