3 Important Causes of Wood Warping

When using a band saw blade to cut logs, wood warping may be appeared due to various reasons, especially when the logs are large. In this article we will discuss what may cause warping in sawn wood and what we should do about it.

First, if wood warping appearing because of the band saw machine: we need to check the following two parts of the band saw machine: the tensioner and the saw wheel.

If the tensioning device of the machine is not working properly and the weight is too light, it will cause the sawn wood to bend. If this happens, adding weight and adjusting the tensioning device can solve the problem.

If you have checked that there is no problem with the tensioning device, then we need to go to the next step and check the wear degree of the saw wheel rim surface of the band saw machine. If the diameter of the saw wheel is inconsistent due to wear, the wood will also bend. This treatment method is very simple and only requires grinding the rim surface of the saw wheel. ​

If we check the machine’s tensioning device and saw wheel and find no problems, then we need to consider whether the saw blade is causing the wood warping.

When considering the bending of wood caused by the saw blade, you can investigate from the following two points:

First, the tooth shape of the band saw blade is incorrect or the tooth chamber is too small, and the saw blade is narrow and biased, which will cause the wood to bend. In this case, it is necessary to correct the tooth shape of the band saw blade, increase the tooth chamber, or replace it with a band saw blade with a larger saw path. ​

Second, the tension of the band saw blade is uneven. The saw blade becomes loose during operation, which may also cause the sawed wood to bend. In this case, you only need to adjust the tension of the saw blade to the appropriate range.

After troubleshooting problems with the machine and saw blade, you should also consider wood warping due to operational reasons.

First of all, if the feed speed is too fast and uneven during the operation, it will also cause the sawed wood to bend. Therefore, when sawing wood, the feed should be kept steady and slow down when encountering knots. ​

Secondly, if the saw wheel and saw blade are stained with resin sawdust, causing the band saw blade to jam when operating, the wood may also bend. If the saw wheel and saw blade are stained with foreign matter, they need to be removed immediately. ​

Finally, the teeth of the band saw blade are dull, or the saw blade is defective, which will also cause the sawed wood to bend. Blunt saw teeth need to be ground in time, and the working time of the band saw blade should be reasonably arranged according to the hardness of the wood to avoid using it for too long; at the same time, avoid using a bad saw blade for cutting.

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