5 Important Features about Carbide Band Saw Blades

Carbide band saw blades are the ultimate choice for hardwood cutting.
Carbide band saw blades are ideal for a variety of woods and even man-made formwork, offering an extremely long cutting life and a perfect chip-free cutting surface.
Features carbide teeth for a very smooth cut, greatly reducing the need for grinding. Carbide teeth in woodworking applications have long been proven to be superior to most other minerals except diamond.

Premium carbide teeth offer excellent heat and wear resistance. Achieve longer service life and better surface finish when cutting difficult-to-cut materials, helping to minimize noise and vibration from the first cut in the correct application.

Five Features for Carbide Band Saw Blades:

1- 92.5°-93.5°hardness

2- suitable for wood of all hardness

3- small sawing road, save material

4- fine working

5- The cut material only needs to pass through medium sand and fine sand to make finished products

Blades can be ordered in custom sizes and widths even if they are not listed on our website.

Please make sure your machine can accept the large width of these Stinger carbide inserts before ordering.


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