4 Essential Features of Woodworking Tools

In woodworking projects, we need to select suitable and matching tools based on the characteristics of the materials being processed and the type of machine. But when choosing woodworking tools, various tools have some necessary commonalities that we need to pay attention to. This article will briefly describe some of the necessary common features of woodworking tools.

Woodworking tools materials should have the following characteristics:


Wear resistance refers to the ability of a material to resist friction and wear. The nature, number, size and distribution of hard points in the material structure all affect wear resistance. The wear resistance of cutting tools affects the life of cutting tools and the working efficiency of woodworking machine tools.


Thermal hardness means that the tool material still maintains its high hardness performance when working under high temperature conditions; thermal hardness directly affects the cutting performance of the tool, especially the high-speed cutting of the tool.


Usually the hardness of woodworking tools is HRC44~62. At 300℃, HRC is above 44, which means it has good hot hardness.


In order to facilitate tool manufacturing, tool materials are required to have good manufacturing capabilities, including forging, rolling, welding performance, cutting performance, grinding performance, heat treatment properties, etc.

Among modern woodworking tools materials, except for the carbon element of diamond, other materials are inseparable from carbides, nitrides, oxides, and borides. These compounds have high hardness, high melting point and high elastic modulus, which are the main properties required in tool materials.

For example, in carbon tool steel, the main component is Fe3C, which is cementite; while alloy tool steel has composite carbides, such as alloy cementite (Fe, Cr) 3C, etc.; high-speed steel has more composite carbides; The hard points in cemented carbide are mainly WC and TiC, and the others are binders, such as Co and Ni; the matrix of ceramic tools is usually Al2O3 and Si3N4; cubic boron nitride is a non-metal nitride.

Diamond (PCD) is an allotrope of carbon. It is the hardest and most wear-resistant tool material currently known. Especially when cutting non-ferrous metal and non-metal composite materials such as artificial boards and laminate floors with high glue content, the effect is remarkable, and the wear resistance can reach 100-300, which is several times higher than that of cemented carbide.

The disadvantage is that it is more sensitive to impact, so it requires higher operating stability of machine tools and cutting tools. Polycrystalline diamond PCD costs 30-50 times more than carbide tools and can only be sharpened by a special method (electric corrosion), so you should be more careful when using it. Diamond tools cannot be used to cut iron group metals because the presence of iron at high temperatures causes diamond to easily convert to graphite.

Finally, we summarize the principles for reasonable selection of woodworking tools materials:
1-Choose according to the properties of processed wood or modern artificial wood materials;
2-Choose according to different processing conditions;
3-Under the condition that the production, installation and tool manufacturing process requirements are met, economical and practical selection can be achieved through analysis and comparison.

The above three aspects are interrelated and even restrict each other. When making a specific selection, you should be familiar with the properties of the tool material and focus on how to meet the main requirements. Other requirements, as long as the impact is not significant.

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