5 Argumentative Drill Bits Problems You May Encounter

Carbide positioning drill bits are becoming more and more popular due to their high rigidity, good wear resistance, and long service life. As tungsten drill bits become more and more popular in woodworking work, we should know something about these drill bits so that we know how to choose a standard drill bit and also let us know how to use the tool correctly.

In this article, we have collected some of the problems you may encounter when drilling wood and provided solutions to help you deal with these problems and make your woodworking drill bit work more efficiently.

1. Chips appear around the hole after drilling

Sometimes there may be some small broken parts around the hole, making our drilling fail. To solve this problem, in addition to checking whether there is any influence of back taper and drill bit runout, you also need to check whether the spindle and quick-change joint are coaxial, the configuration of the machine tool’s pressing device, whether the pressure is sufficient, and whether the workpiece will shake when drilling. These breaks can also occur if the cutting edge is higher than the center tip.

2. The entrance hole is small and the exit side is large.

This problem can be caused by drill bit bounce and spindle and quick-change coupling misalignment. If such a problem occurs, you need to check the drill bit or replace the spindle and joint.

3. There is smoke when drilling, and the drill hair turns black.

Severe beating of the center drill bit or misalignment of the center drill bit and the shaft, no positive or reverse taper, small main relief angle (12° to 15° is preferred), and the main relief angle deflection angle is opposite to the drill bit rotation, which will cause the drilling to smoke and cause damage. Make the drill bit black. But it may also be caused by insufficient pressure on the machine tool. If the glue on the board is not dry or there is too much glue on the board, it will also turn your drill bit black.

4. Chip removal is not smooth or even ineffective.

To solve this problem, you can check whether there are problems such as small spiral groove or spiral angle, insufficient smooth transition between alloy and tool body, main relief angle too small to be a secondary value, central tool tip, etc. Too short and thick. Also, before drilling, you need to check that your dowel drill bit is suitable for your machine (2800-3500 RPM is normal). In addition, too much glue or the glue on the board that has not dried can also cause this problem. Or, you might make a simple mistake—rotate in the wrong direction.

5. The drill bit is bent or broken when drilling.

This problem mainly occurs with small size dowel bits or extended dowel bits.
We will talk about this issue from two aspects. First, look at the drill bit itself. Small size drill bits are less rigid than regular dowel drill bits. If the sheath is not handled well, it can easily deform or break. Unreasonable design of drill bit helix angle can also cause this problem.
Additionally, extended drill bits or drill bits made from defective raw materials can cause the drill bit to twist, bend, or even break during the drilling process.

Secondly, let’s talk about application. If the depth of the hole is more than four times the diameter of the drill bit, we call it a “deep hole”. When deep holes need to be drilled, we need to separate the drilling process several times rather than solving it all at once. And if you do it with just one drill bit, your dowel drill bit may twist, bend out of shape, or even break while drilling.
In addition, the rotation speed of the drill bit should match the rotation speed of the boring machine. Otherwise, your drill bit may become damaged as well. When drilling holes with a small-size pin drill, there is too much glue in the board or the glue is too wet, which can easily cause the drill bit to twist, bend, or break.

If you encounter these problems when using a force-transmitting drill bit, you can try the method we provided above. Hope these methods can be helpful to you.
And if you need to purchase high-quality woodworking drill bits, please feel free to contact us. We can provide inlaid and solid alloy drill bits to meet all woodworking drilling needs.

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